At Z Sport Automotive we do our best to provide for all of your vehicle’s repairs needs. This includes working with your vehicles on-board electrical control unit, ECU. Vehicles are becoming more and more dependent on their electrical systems and we at Z Sport Automotive make sure to stay on top of these advancements to provide the highest form of service to our customers.

Advanced Automotive Technology

Automobile advanced technology is very common in modern vehicles. The systems and computers that a car uses to control various aspects of the vehicle are constantly changing. At Z Sport we are always on the leading edge of automotive technology. We train our technicians on the modern systems and cars that you are driving now and will be driving in the future. This way we can always service our customers and their families.


Z Sport’s auto technicians and mechanics are Everett’s car battery experts. Even for an auto service as quick and easy as a simple automotive battery replacement, families and businesses all over Snohomish county have come specifically to us for our superior service and knowledge of automotive electrical power systems and high quality batteries. Our mechanics have performed thousands of battery/electrical power-related auto repairs, services, and diagnostic tests. Is your car not starting? Is there no power when you turn the key? Possible blown fuses? Not a problem! Give us a call or schedule online.

Charging System Services

When it comes to charging systems services, testing, and diagnostics, our certified auto technicians and mechanics are Snohomish county’s experts. We only employ the best auto diagnostics technicians in the business and the result is superior service and repairs done right the first time, keeping your vehicle safe and operating as it should with minimum downtime. Is your check engine light on? Does your battery or alternator look questionable? Are your lights dim or flickering? Not a problem for our professionals. We have all the right test equipment and specific tools needed for the job.

Climate Control Services

If you live in Everett, WA or anywhere in Snohomish county, it’s safe to say that you use your car, van, or truck’s heater during the colder fall and winter seasons. Although our summers are short, we find ourselves relying on our air conditioning too. But, if you’re going on a road trip to a warmer state, you’ll definitely want to make sure your vehicle’s A/C is in good working order before you depart. Fortunately, our certified auto technicians and mechanics are the area’s climate control experts. Z Sport mechanics have been trained to perform service, repairs, and diagnostics of climate control systems for your vehicle. Has the blower motor stopped working altogether? Is your heater core leaking? No task is too great for us.





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