Do You Need All Weather Tires in Washington?

Here in Everett, we don’t see much snow or ice. The temperature never goes below about 25 degrees, which is barely below freezing, but that doesn’t mean our roads are completely safe in the winter. There are still some hazards you need to consider.

Other parts of the state differ greatly in weather.

It can seem crazy how much weather patterns can differ in the course of just a few miles, even within the same state. Even though Everett doesn’t get much snow and rarely goes below freezing temperatures, other parts of Washington can get much colder and have much more snow and ice. If you travel quite a bit within the state, you’re going to need to be prepared for driving in those areas.

You still have slush and ice to contend with.

Even though we don’t get the ice and snow other parts of the state experience, we can still have some ice and slush on our streets. Some precipitation can turn into slush quickly if temperatures are hovering just above or right at freezing temperatures. You’ll need a tire that can slough away the excess water without causing the car to glide.

Luckily, the best all weather tires we’ve found for Washington winters are as effective on snow and ice as they are in the slush and puddles that are common in Everett. That means you can have just one tire that will allow you to travel pretty much anywhere you want by car with safety and peace of mind. 

If you are looking for the best all weather tires for your vehicle, come in and see us today.

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